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Top-TargetsOur Factory

Top-Targets Materials Limited is located in Photovoltaic Industrial Park of Jiashan county, Zhejiang Province of China is an important part of Bordering-Shanghai New Area of Jiashan (Yaozhuang Industrial Park), has been awarded the National Key & High Tech Enterprise, mainly researches and produces various Non-Ferrous metals, alloys, different sputtering targets and functional materials with several advanced production lines in domestic. Top-Targets committed to the research and development thin film materials to supply our customers with high quality and best service at very competitive prices in the thin films fields.

Top-Targets Materials LimitedPhotovoltaic Industrial Park

Our Business Scope

With high efficiency administrative system and professional technical group, Top-Targets has exported our products to over 20 countries and regions involving projects in diverse fields such as : microelectronics, semiconductor, compound semiconductor, magnetic recording, data storage, precious metals, film resistanc, transparent conductive film,  wireless RF and microwave, photovoltaics, telecom, precision optics, decorative, and display device.


Our Product Categories

Our products have the chracteristics of high purity, large size, high density, small alloy segregation.

1. Sputtering Targets of Single Element Metal, Precious Metal, Metal-alloy and Ceramic.
2. Evaporation materials of Metal, Oxide, Fluorides and Other Evaporation Products.
3. Various Rare Earth Materials
4. Industrial Targets of coated glass industry, film solar industrial, flat panel display, Surface Engineering, and thin film resistors.
5.Provide services with Target Bonding and Backing Plates.


Our Business Cooperation

Top-Targets offer both high quality materials for industries as well as high purity material (up to 99.9999%) for research institutes and universities, we can manufacture the products according to customers’ drawings and specific requirements.


Our Core Techologies

Vacuum Induction Melting

Molten-salt Electrolysis

Casting, Forging and Rolling

Vacuum hot isostatic pressing

Vacuum Hot Isostatic Pressing

Preparation of Metal Halide

No Contamination Melting

Cold Pressing and Sintering

Czochralski Process

Vacuum Hot Forging

Metal and Alloy Precise Shape  Technology

Blanchard Grinding

Laser Cutting and Laser Welding


Our Service & Support

Top-Targets provide our clients efficient and sincere Customer Service before, during and after the order process. We handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. Top-Targets hope sincerely to maintain long-lasting partnerships by High Quality, Competitive Price, Best Service, Timely Delivery. Whether your company needs large industry products or small R&D products, you will receive the same quickly and professionally service.