Data Storage

Top-Targets is a major supplier of sputtering targets and evaporation materials for the Magnetic Data Storage industry. As a material specialist, we rely on our extensive know-how in metallurgy and production technologies, We offer a broad range of target materials for various Magnetic Data Storage applications. Our world-wide production facilities produce materials Using a wide-range of precious and non-precious metal-based alloys, we can produce different target and backing plate designs for all configurations.

Sputtering targets for Magnetic Data Storage

Material Name Composition [wt%] Purity
Cr Chromium - 3N7, 4N, 5N
CrMo Chromium Molybdenum Custom-made 5N, 5N5
CrW Chromium Tungsten Custom-made 5N, 5N5
CrV Chromium Vanadium Custom-made 4N, 5N
CrMoTa Chromium Molybdenum Tantalum Custom-made 4N, 5N
CrTi Chromium Titanium Custom-made 4N, 5N
Ru Ruthenium - 4N
RuAl Ruthenium Alumnium Custom-made 4N, 5N
CoCrTaB Cobalt Chromium Tantalum Boron Custom-made 4N, 5N
Ti Titanium - 4N
TiAl Titanium Aluminium Custom-made 3N5
Ni alloys Nickel alloys Custom-made 3N, 3N5
FeCoB Iron Cobalt Boron Custom-made 3N
FeTaC Iron Tantalum Carbon Custom-made 4N5, 5N
AlCr Aluminium Chromium Custom-made 3N5
Au Gold - 3N5
Au Alloy Gold Alloy Custom-made 3N

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