Flat Panel Display

As the manufacturer of sputtering targets for the Flat Panel Display industry, our sputtering targets are custom-engineered to fit your most exacting specifications for TVs, PCs, and Mobile Devices. we supply the complex metallurgy required for the continuously changing generations of Flat Panel Display drives.
Using a wide-range of precious and non-precious metal-based alloys, our sputtering targets are custom-engineered to fit your most exacting specifications for Flat Panel Display.
Our advanced manufacturing processes, sophisticated materials procurement capability, and rigorous quality control assures you compatible, reliable and cost-efficient quality sputtering targets for all stages of your manufacturing process.

Sputtering targets for Flat Panel Display

Material Name Composition [wt%] Purity
Al Aluminium Custom-made 4N, 5N
AlNd Aluminium neodymium - 4N
AlTa Aluminium Tantalum Custom-made 5N, 5N5
AlTi Aluminium Titanium Custom-made 5N, 5N5
AZO Aluminium Zinc Oxide Custom-made 4N
Cr Chromium Custom-made 2N5, 3N, 3N5
CrMo Chromium Molybdenum Custom-made 4N, 5N
Cu Copper - 4N, 4N7
Cu alloy Copper alloy Custom-made 4N, 5N
Au Gold - 4N
ITO Indium Tin Oxide Custom-made 4N, 5N
Mo Molybdenum - 3N5, 4N
MoNb Molybdenum Niobium Custom-made 3N5
MoW Molybdenum Tungsten Custom-made 3N, 3N5
Nb Niobium Custom-made 3N5, 4N
NbO Niobium Oxide Custom-made 4N5, 5N
Ni Nickel - 3N5
Ni Alloy Nickel Alloy Custom-made 3N, 4N5
Si Silicon Custom-made 4N, 5N
SiAl Silicon Aluminium - 3N5, 4N
SiO2 Silicon Oxide Custom-made 3N5, 4N
Ag Silver Custom-made 3N, 3N5
Ag Aalloys Silver Aalloys Custom-made 3N5, 4N
Ta Tantalum Custom-made 3N5, 4N
Ti Titanium Custom-made 4N5, 5N
TiO Titanium Oxide - 3N5, 4N
W Tungsten Custom-made 3N, 4N5

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