Glass Coatings

Top-Targets as a sputtering target supplier with outstanding technical and materials expertise and decades of experience in Glass Coatings industry. Top-Targets services to development and production of coating materials for architectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaics, mirrors and other speciality coatings.

Sputtering targets for Glass Coatings

Material Name Composition [w%] Purity Shape
Ag Silver - 3N7, 4N Custom-made
Ag Alloys Silver Alloys Custom-made Custom-made Custom-made
Al Aluminum - 3N, 4N, 5N Custom-made
Au Gold - 4N Custom-made
AZO Aluminium Zinc Oxide ZnO / Al2O3 (0.5 – 2) 3N, 4N Custom-made
Bi Bismuth - 4N Custom-made
Cr Chromium - 2N5 – 4N Custom-made
C High Purity Graphite - 4N Custom-made
Cu Copper - Custom-made Custom-made
CuAl Copper Aluminum Custom-made Custom-made Custom-made
In Indium - 4N, 5N Custom-made
InSn Indium-Tin InSn 10w% 3N Custom-made
ITO Indium Tin Oxide In2O3 / SnO2 10w% 3N, 4N Custom-made
Mo Molybdenum - 3N5 Custom-made
Nb Niobium - 2N7 Custom-made
NiCr Nickel Chromium NiCr 20w% 2N8, 3N Custom-made
NiV Nickel Vanadium NiV 7w% 2N8 Custom-made
Si Silicon sprayed - 4N, 5N Custom-made
SiAl Silicon Aluminum sprayed SiAl 8 – 10 w% 2N8, 3N Custom-made
Silicon Aluminum cast SiAl 10 w% 3N Custom-made
Sn Tin - 3N, 3N5 Custom-made
SST Stainless Steel - Custom-made Custom-made
Ti Titanium - 2N4~3N5 Custom-made
TiO Titanium Oxide Custom-made 2N6~4N Custom-made
W Tungsten 3N Custom-made
Zinc Oxide Aluminum Oxide ZnO / Al2O3 (0.5 – 2) 3N, 4N Custom-made
Zn cast Zinc cast Custom-made 4N Custom-made
Zn sprayed Zinc sprayed Custom-made 3N Custom-made
ZnAl cast Zinc Aluminum cast ZnAl (0.5 – 2) w% 4N Custom-made
ZnAl sprayed Zinc Aluminum sprayed ZnAl (0.5 – 2) w% 3N Custom-made
ZnSn Zinc Tin Custom-made 3N Custom-made
Zn Alloys Zinc Alloys Custom-made 3N Custom-made
Zr Zirconium - 2N2 Custom-made

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