Molybdenum Sputtering Targets | Mo Targets

MolybdenumTop-targets supply many kinds of pure Molybdenum metal product. For Molybdenum have some advantage in chemical and physical, it used widly in High-temperature furnace, glass and crystal producing, vacuum plating, illumination, rare earth.Now we can supply Molybdenum block, rod, tube, plate, foil, wire, substrate, sputtering target, Boat, hoop,cake crucible, screw, nut, Flowing Nozzles (flow control in high temp environment) and any other machinable form. Also Top-targets can machine molydbenum very exactitude, machine include HIP, Sintering, forging, rolling, grind and polishing. Top-targets glinding molybdenum, the surface is very good, no any chap and crack, we can lathe screw very good.


Molybdenum Sputtering Target——Mo Target

Purity 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%
Shape Discs, Plate, Step, Rectangle, Sheet, Tube, Custom-Made
Size Discs, Plate ( Diameter ≤300mm, Thickness ≥1mm)
Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤1000mm, Width ≤300mm, Thickness ≥1mm)
Column, Tube ( Diameter< 300mm, Thickness >2mm )


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