The growing demand for renewable energy sources has led to a boom in the photovoltaic (PV) industry. Advanced PVD coatings are seen as a key element in creating efficiency improvements for solar power generation. Top-Targets is the world’s leading supplier of sputtering targets in reflective, anti-reflective and selective absorber coatings with varying target geometries and differing ratios of existing alloys and compositions for the PV market.

Sputtering targets for Photovoltaics

Material Name Composition Purity Shape
Ag Silver - 4N Custom-made
Al Aluminum - 4N~5N Custom-made
Al Alloy Aluminum Alloy Custom-made 4N Custom-made
AZO Aluminum Zinc Oxide Custom-made 4N Custom-made
CdS Cadmium Sulphide Custom-made 4N, 5N Custom-made
CdTe Cadmium Telluride Custom-made 4N, 5N Custom-made
Cr Chromium - 2N5, 3N Custom-made
Cu Copper - 3N5~5N Custom-made
CuGa Copper Gallium Custom-made 4N Custom-made
CuIn Copper Indium Custom-made 4N Custom-made
CuInGa(CIG) Copper Indium Gallium Custom-made 4N~5N Custom-made
CuInSe(CIS) Copper Indium Selenium Custom-made 3N5, 4N Custom-made
CuInGaSe(CIGS) Copper Indium Gallium Selenium Custom-made 3N5, 4N Custom-made
CuSe Copper Selenium Custom-made 3N5 Custom-made
GaAs Gallium Arsenide Custom-made 3N Custom-made
GaS Gallium Sulfide Custom-made 5N Custom-made
Gallium Selenium Custom-made 4N Custom-made
In Indium - 4N, 5N Custom-made
In2O3:SnO2(ITO) Indium Tin Oxide 1:9 4N Custom-made
Mo Molybdenum - 3N, 3N5 Custom-made
NiCr Nickel Chromium 80:20 2N5 Custom-made
NiV Nickel Vanadium NiV 7 3N, 4N Custom-made
Pt Custom-made - 4N Custom-made
Se Selenium - 3N5, 4N Custom-made
Si Silicon - 5N Custom-made
Silicon Aluminum Custom-made 3N, 4N Custom-made
SiO2 Silicon Dioxide Custom-made 5N Custom-made
Sn Tin - 3N, 4N Custom-made
Ti Titanium - 2N7, 3N Custom-made
TiO2 Titanium Oxide Custom-made 3N5, 4N Custom-made
ZnAl Zinc Aluminum Custom-made 3N Custom-made
ZAO(AZO) Zinc Aluminum Oxide ZnO/Al2O3(0.5–2) 3N Custom-made
ZGO Zinc Gallium Oxide ZnO/Ga2O3(0.5–2.5) 3N Custom-made
i-ZnO Intrinsic Zinc Oxide Custom-made 3N5 Custom-made
ZnO 0.01 doped Zinc Oxide Custom-made 3N5 Custom-made
ZnO 0.06 doped Zinc Oxide Custom-made 3N5 Custom-made
ZnOMgO(ZMO) Zinc Magnesium Oxide ZnO/MgO(15–30at%) 3N Custom-made
ZrB2 Zirconium Boride Custom-made 3N5 Custom-made

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