Top-Targets contributes to the continuous enhancement of our products, processes and services, well-established quality methodologies are actively applied to all your current and future sputtering target needs for Semiconductors applications.

Sputtering targets for Semiconductors

Material Name Composition [wt%] Purity
Ag Silver 100% 3N7, 4N, 5N
Al Aluminium 100% 5N, 5N5
AlSi Aluminium Silicon various 5N, 5N5
AlSiCu Aluminium Silicon Copper various 5N, 5N5
Au Gold 100% 4N, 5N
AuAs Gold Arsenic AuAs0,4 4N, 5N
AuGe Gold Germanium AuGe12 4N, 5N
AuPt Gold Platinum various 4N
AuSb Gold Antimon AuSb0,5 (30) 4N, 5N
AuSn Gold Tin AuSn20 (25, 30) 4N, 5N
AuZn Gold Zinc AuZn2 (5) 4N
CoFeB Cobalt Iron Boron various 4N, 4N5
Cr Chromium 100% 3N, 3N5
CrNiAl Chromium Nickel Aluminium various 3N, 3N5
CrSi Chromium Silicon CrSi50 3N
Cu Copper 100% 4N5, 5N
CuCr Copper Chromium CuCr50 3N5
CuNi Copper Nickel various 3N5
Hf Hafnium 100% 3N (excl. Zr)
Ir Iridium 100% 3N
Mo Molybdenum 100% 3N5
MoSi Molybdenum Silicon 100% 3N5
Ni Nickel 100% 3N5
NiAl Nickel Aluminium various 3N5, 3N8
NiCr Nickel Chromium various 3N, 3N5
NiCrAl Nickel Chromium Aluminium NiV7 3N, 3N5
NiCrAlSi Nickel Chromium Aluminium Silicon OsRu20 3N, 3N5
NiCrSi Nickel Chromium Silicon 100% 3N, 3N5
NiPt Nickel Platinum various 3N
NiV Nickel Vanadium NiV7 3N5
OsRu Osmium Ruthenium OsRu20 3N5
Pd Palladium 100% 3N5, 4N
Pt Platinum 100% 3N5, 4N
Ru Ruthenium 100% 2N8, 3N, 3N8
Si Silicon 100% 5N
Ta Tantalum 100% 3N5
TaAl Tantalum Aluminium various 3N5
TaSi Tantalum Silicon 100% 3N, 4N, 4N5, 5N
Ti Titanium 100% 3N, 4N, 4N5, 5N
TiW Titanium Tungsten TiW10 4N5
W Tungsten 100% 3N5
WSi Tungsten Silicon TiW10 4N5

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