Top-targets as a professional manufacturer provides a variety of backplane, a variety of targets on the back of metal and the binding of the target and the backplane for you according to your needs and other technical services.

1.A variety of copper (Cu) Backplane, molybdenum (Mo) backplane, aluminum (Al) backplane, titanium (Ti) backplane
2.Provide a variety of metal and alloy targets, ceramic target materials back metallization
3.Binding (BONDING) services provide all kinds of metal and alloy target materials, ceramic target and the backplane


Bonding Services

Top-targets simplify the sputtering target bonding process, allowing target bonders and target manufacturers to make reliable and repeatable bonds while increasing margins and lowering capital expenditures.

  • Alternative High-Temperature Bonding (Elastomer)
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • High-Temperature Bonding (Ag-Based Epoxy)
  • Inlay Tile Designs (Engineered for co-deposited thin-film systems and applications)
  • In-House Sputtering System to augment the target bonding process
  • Metallic Bonding (High Purity Indium)
  • Proprietary process of In-Situ Thin-Film Coatings for Target Adhesion & Barrier purposes
  • Sputter Etch (for removal of Native Oxides)
  • Target Segmenting 45° Bevel & 90° Butt Joints
  • Any size target

Top-targets significantly improves existing planar target bonding methods through the use of localized heat. When activated, Top-targets® delivers localized heat that bonds similar or dissimilar materials in just a fraction of a second, in any environment, therefore eliminating the need for a standard furnace, torch, or laser. The rapid and versatile nature of this novel bonding method offers process cost reductions over traditional bonding methods.


Backing Plates

Backing plates are available in the following materials

  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Molybdenum
  • Invar
  • Kovar

Oxygen-Free Copper: The most common backing plate material is Oxygen Free (OFHC) Copper. This metal has good electrical and thermal characteristics while also being easy to machine, easy to soften, and readily available at a low cost. Copper backing plates can be re-used, with care, 20 or more times.

Molybdenum: For applications where Copper is not appropriate, we often substitute Molybdenum. For some materials, such as ceramics, or even metals made via Powder Metallurgy, the coefficient of expansion for Copper is mismatched. For applications where a high temperature bond is required, Copper may also oxidize badly or warp.

Copper and Stainless Steel Cups: We specialize in the use of unique backing plate geometry for delicate ceramic targets ranging in size 0.5” to 8”. The ‘cup’ design provides good mechanical support for the target on the back and around the edge. This improves both heat transfer to the cooling well of the cathode and increased mechanical integrity by providing a clamping point for the assembly which does not stress the target.