Tantalum Sputtering Targets | Ta Targets



Tantalum is a shiny, silvery metal which is soft when is pure. It is almost immune to chemical attack at temperatures below 150 C. Tantalum is virtually resistant to corrosion due to an oxide film on its surface.



Tantalum Sputtering Target——Ta Target

Purity 99.95%
Shape Discs, Plate, Step, Rectangle, Sheet, Tube, Custom-Made
Size Discs, Plate ( Diameter ≤300mm, Thickness ≥1mm)
Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤1000mm, Width ≤350mm, Thickness ≥1mm)
Column, Tube ( Diameter< 350mm, Thickness >2mm ), Custom-Made
Application Thin film capacitor and resistors.


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