Thin Film Materials

Thin Film Materials span a wide range of commercial industries as well as playing a leading role in material and technology development. Top-targets committed to providing our customers with an exemplary service throughout the component design, development and manufacturing process. Our Industrial Targets are used within a wide variety of different applications, across many industries, such as Data Storage, Flat Panel Displays, Glass Coatings, Photovoltaics, Semiconductor, Wear Resistance. It is however the production of components for the industry that we have developed an enviable reputation for exemplary customer service, manufacturing capability and end products of exceptional quality.
We can supply special dimensions, mechanically processed, coated, with special threads,just tell us your requirements. If you are interested in Top-targets for your applications, or would like to learn more about our Industrial Targets, please click the link below. For other sputtering targets or other specifications, please contact us.


Sputtering Targets for Data Storage

Data Storage

As the manufacturer of sputtering targets for the magnetic data storage, our sputtering targets are customed to fit your specifications for magnetic recording media.
Sputtering Targets for Glass Coatings

Glass Coatings

Top-Targets have developed proprietary production processes for coating materials for architectural glass, automotive glass, mirrors and other speciality coatings.
Sputtering Targets for Electronics and Semiconductors


As a material specialist, Top-Targets offer a broad range of sputtering targets and evaporation materials for the semiconductor and electronic industry.
Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Displays

Flat Panel Displays

Based on our advanced materials technology, Top-Targets is able to offer custom-engineered targets that meet the special requirements of the display industry.
Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaic Devices


With emerging PV technologies, Top-Targets sputtering targets production supply capabilities are in great demand by PV module manufacturers.
Sputtering Targets for Wear Resistance

Wear Resistance

Whether for common materials such as Titanium Aluminum, Chromium or for the development of new alloys, Top-Targets offers a complete range of target materials.