Wear Resistance

Top-Targets offers a complete line of Wear Resistance materials to meet high performance coatings which have to meet various requirements such as wear, corrosion and scratch resistance, including Titanium Aluminum, Chromium, even the development of new alloys, Top-Targets is the perfect link to enhance the level of your supply chain.

Sputtering targets for Wear Resistance

Material Name Function Purity
Al Aluminium NCVM/Corrosion Resistance 4N, 5N, 5N5
Al Alloy Aluminium Alloy Feature-component Aesthetic 2N5, 4N, 5N
Al2O3 Aluminium Oxide Corrosion Resistance 4N
C Graphite Tools plating film 3N~5N
Cr Chromium NCVM/Corrosion Resistance 2N5, 3N, 3N5
CrAl Chromium Aluminium Tool Wear-resisting 2N5
CrSi Chromium Silicon Tool Wear-resisting 2N5
Co Cobalt NCVM/Corrosion Resistance 3N5
Cu Alloy Copper Alloy Feature-component Aesthetic 3N
Cu Alloy Copper Alloy Feature-component Aesthetic 3N
In Indium NCVM/Corrosion Resistance 4N
InSn Indium Tin NCVM/Corrosion Resistance 4N
Ni Nickel NCVM/Corrosion Resistance 3N, 3N5, 4N5
Ni Alloy Nickel Alloy Against Corrosion 2N5, 3N
NiCr Nickel Chromium Tools plating film/Low resistance film 2N5
NiCrAl Nickel Chromium Aluminium Low resistance film 2N5
NiCrSi Nickel Chromium Silicon Low resistance film 2N5
NiCu Nickel Copper Low resistance film 2N5
Silicon Silicon Antireflection Coating (AR) 5N
SiO2 Silicon Dioxide Antireflection Coating (AR) 3N5
Sn Tin NCVM/ Corrosion Resistance 3N, 4N, 5N
Ti Titanium Antireflection Coating (AR) 2N7~4N5
Ti Alloys Titanium Alloys Tools plating film 2N5
TiAl Titanium Aluminium Tool Wear-resisting 2N5
TiAlSi Titanium Aluminium Silicon Tool Wear-resisting 2N5
TiSi Titanium Silicon Tool Wear-resisting 2N5
W Tungsten Tools plating film 3N
WC Tungsten Carbide Tools plating film 3N
Zr Zirconium Tool Wear-resisting 2N5

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